The Price and Payment


You can contact us for any doubt; but first check out our legal notice, you’re likely to find the information you are looking for:

The Service consists of placing advertisements in online portal. Also, in certain categories, the advertiser is offered the possibility of hiring a product that allows the publication of the notice in reserves the right to broadcast, in whole or in part, the advertiser’s ads on third party portals, in advertising campaigns to promote the website and on other websites, such as social networks or blogs, accepting such Advertiser condition.

To upload photographs to the Portal, the user gives free to exploitation rights of intellectual property on them, so may reproduce, transform (including, without limitation, the inclusion of watermarks or other mechanisms that prevent the exploitation inconsentido by others), distribute and communicate to the public (including the making available to the public) through any form of exploitation and using any format or media or means of exploitation or communication. Such transfer of rights is not subject to any limitation of temporal or territorial character, that is, it is done for everyone and for all time of legal validity of the same. may exercise the rights of exploitation of the photographs in the manner they deem most appropriate, and may even transmit or assign exclusive nature or not third parties under the terms and conditions it deems appropriate.

The user guarantees that it rightfully holds the rights are transferred to under this clause, and that the use and exploitation thereof by not involve any intellectual property rights violation, or image, nor, in general, of any other kind, corresponding to any third parties and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless in case of infringement ..

ANNOUNCEMENTS OF PAYMENT: Service mode for professional advertisers in all categories. Lets you insert ads, which are published in

To insert ads on the site the advertiser must complete the registration form ad. All ads must pass validation prior service may involve a period of time of 48 hours. Once will send you a confirmation email.

From that moment advertiser data will be recorded and may make and renew ads only identified. Once registered, each time you access the area Put will ask for your email address and password to proceed with the insertion or renewal of the Results.

Once the user is registered you can access the insertion and renovation of online ads identified using the form user access inserting in it your e-mail and password.

Regulatory Compliance Publication: reserves the right, if necessary, to reject or modify an ad for it complies with the rules of publication of notices.

Payment conditions

Advertisers must make payment of the contracted services by credit card or via paypal within the system In this case, the service will not start until the correct reception of the payment.