About Us

LB Invest

LBInvest, your best choice for a smart investment in Spain!


LBInvest is the main property website for real estate in Spain where you can publish and manage your properties for sale or for rent all by yourself. This property website for real estate mainly focus in investors, brokers, companies and real estate companies to make sales or renting easier, no matter if they’re homes or boats, both nationally and internationally.

We’ve developed a special web app from where you can register and share your real estate’s photos and highlighted info in a clear and easy way.

In addition, we are more than a real estate and investment website we’ve got an added value for our customers by selecting, managing and updating the properties we offer on our website. In this way, we assure the investments shown are always updated, safe and have high quality.

  • Professionalism

We care about details in all of our services. We select the investments carefully so we can assure the quality and the high standard real estate our customers are looking for.

  • Updating constantly

We manage the site and keep the properties updated so all investments are offered as active and up to date in every detail.

  • Trust

You can be sure that all the properties within are checked and verified by our staff and they have been selected to assure a safe sale or transaction.

  • Quality

We commit to make sure the quality of our services and so the real estate properties we offer. You would never find a malfunctioning property in the listings.

  • Team work

We work alongside with experts in real estate and business investors, brokers, builders, real estate agencies, architects, administrators and lawyers. We are part of a talented team with several years of experience and with wide knowledge on field.

  • Promo

Your property will not only be on the website but our professional team would also take care of promotional matters in order to increase the opportunity of success in selling or renting.

  • International Level

We publish online the investments and we promote your properties offline as well and not only nationally but internationally as well.

  • Communication

We stay in touch constantly with all of our customers. At the same time we assist them and support them along the way through all the process of renting or selling.

Thanks to our added value we increase in 30% the probability of success in selling your property.

For further information please contact us at contact@lbinvest.es or you can call us anytime at (+34) 636 681 865.